Molly Morris

Molly Morris/Brooke Stone Bridge is the main protagonist from so undercover and play by Miley Cyrus.

Her storyEdit

She started as a street-smart investigator who left school to help her gambling-addicted father to look out for people who cheat on their partners in Dallas, Texas.

Later, Armon Ranford from the FBI asks to go undercover in a college sorority. At first, she doesn't accept the job, but then she does.

So she undergoes a makeover by Bizzy (dress, hair, etc.) and is given a new car and a new name: Brooke Stone Bridge.

She is given information about the sorority she will reside in and assigned to become best friends with Alex Patrone and communicate with anyone in her life.

At the sorority, she finds most of the girls are snooty and immature. Her roommate is Becky Slotsky. At college, she falls in love with Nicholas Dexter.